Lightning Network

Liquidity & smart contracts transactions


Secure by design - wallet to wallet exchange

Atomic Swap

On-chain settlement in between digital assets

Our Vision

InziderX is a decentralized spot leverage OTC market where you can exchange the top 20 digital assets privately and without verification. Transactions are done in between anonyms insiders, wallet to wallet using Atomic Swap. Liquidity is provided by a relay system based on the Lightning Network technology.

User friendly, the InziderX terminal is devoted to actives and algorithms traders looking for leverage and quality execution. Our platform will provide the tools to help them fully deploy their strategies with complex order types, Pro-trading chart package and advances API commands.



Decentralized Exchange

The technology of our exchange is wallet based - Dapp. It's secure by design.

Since you own the seeds of your wallet and there's no honeypot to be hacked, you can be sure your funds are safe.

There's no inscription, verification or restriction.

Lightning Network

By including the liquidity of the larger centralized exchanges and other big players through the Lightning Network, we get the best of both worlds.

The security of decentralization and the liquidity of centralization.

Thus creating a window on what will become tomorrow's future :

A world of networks - a market of markets.


Advance Trading Tools

Our platform focus is on the active and algorithm trading.

By giving access complexes orders types, Pro-trading chart package and advances API commands.

We will provide the missing tools traders uses on the latest Forex terminals :

Margin, funding trading, short selling, FX position types, hedging.

Community Trading

Community is the key and that's why InziderX will reward traders with numerous program.

Whit a forum on a second blockchain for traders tips and personal analysis, the community will be able to learn itself the most advances ways of trading.

Contest for the best traders, signal service program and voting changes for platform development.

Become an inzider, join the community!


The Exchange

The most advances trading terminal tools combine with the latest technologies
InziderX is the traders windows on tomorrow's markets


Margin & Funding Trading

Users can borrow the desired amount of funding to enter a margin position. The funding of other users' orders provides a way to earn a return.

Complexes Orders Types

Having a stop loss and a take profit order attaches to an entry allows you to set profit taking levels and limit risk in advance. You can now sit, watch and relax.

Pro Trading chart package

Integrating latest Tradingview chart package with more than 50 drawing tools, 100 indicators and oscillators. Clear and precises charts for the best analysis.

Algorithm enables API

Easy and efficient way to build automated trading strategies with all the commands to control your wallet and more. Possibilities are limitless.

HD Wallet Integration

Never expose your private key by keeping it safe under cold storage with the integration of HD wallet like Ledger Nano S or MetaMask.

Market Maker Program

Lower trading fee and reward program for large volume traders will favor liquidity, tight spread and low slippage.

Active Learning community

Traders teaching others traders, exchange ideas, strategies, algorithms. Get rewarded for your contribution. Community is the key.

Trader Contest

Show us your best strategies and algorithm, inscribe your wallet for entry signal recording. Get reward from the community for your contribution.

Signal trading

Best traders from Trader Contest providing signals to other users and getting rewarded for it. Select your signals provider by his risk and time holding profile.

Reward program

Reward to the Market Maker, to the winners of Traders Contest, the signals providers and the ones that contribute the most to the community.

Community Vote

What are the next modifications we should see on our exchange, let us know by a voting program. Our developers are listening.

Encrypted and untraceable message

The wallet includes an anonymous and untraceable encrypted message system based on the blockchain. Groups can share real-time insights.

The Future

InziderX is the beginning of a new vision - True Decentralization.

Transactions are done P2P, wallet to wallet, without third-party control or influence. The atomic swap provides security and Lightning Network liquidity.

It’s impossible to take the exchange down, because there is no server. The data are truly decentralized across the distributed blockchain ledger so it cannot be stolen or corrupted.

No inscription, verification or restriction. Download our wallets and start trading. That simple.

The wallet is the exchange!


The InziderX Whitepaper describe in details the fine characteristics of our exchange
Contribute to our ICO and take part in the future of digital asset trading exchange - The true decentralization


The InziderX Whitepaper describe in details the fine characteristics of our decentralize exchange


The economics - supply, softcap, hardcap, pre-sale option, bonus and funds allocation

One Pager

Get a quick overview of InziderX projects in power point fashion

Bounty Program

Be part of InziderX ICO promotion and get rewarded in INX. Multiple rewards programs are open!


November 2017

Technology study - ongoing

Several tests and study done on the latest technologies

March 2018

Whitepaper writing - COMPLETED

Establishing the vision of the InziderX Exchange

July to December 2018


Partnership for the future EcoSystem

December 2018

InziderX Community Forum

Forum activation & INC distribution

Febuary 2019

INX Distribution

Wallet release and INX distribution

July 2019

First InziderX Exchange release

Basic characteristics

January 2020

Community Development

Reward, contest & signal programs

Febuary 2020

Voting system implementation

Community takes control

Mars 2020

Community suggestion


June 2020

InziderX Exchange

All characteristics fully activated

July 2020

InziderX community

All characteristics fully activated

August 2020

Listening to the community



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