Reasons, Concepts and Vision — InziderX Exchange

Reasons, Concepts and Vision — InziderX Exchange

The purpose of this article is to expose the reasons, concepts and vision of the InziderX Exchange and how they take root in the same principle: autarky.


The Reasons


The reasons the InziderX team is developing a decentralized exchange may be obvious to many, but not all. Initially, decentralized exchanges have the advantage of being protected against huge hacks as we have seen since 2014 – more than $ 1.2 billion all together.

Moreover, a true peer-to-peer system has the advantage of being anonym. There is no server so it can not be closed. There is no verification or restriction to transfer funds because it is initially a simple wallet.

These two factors are the main advantages of decentralized exchanges: security and anonymity.

There are some good examples of decentralized exchanges and the first question that comes to mind is why another one? Liquidity is an easy answer. As detailed in our whitepaper, a $ 200 spread on BTC / USD and a slippage of a 2% on entry is simply unacceptable for an active trader.

Filled with “ERC20 token created in 5 minutes” some exchange really don’t help by diluting an already thin volume.

Relying on someone else’s blockchain also have some risk when we look past hard fork. The centralization of the master nodes called witnesses is another factor of consideration.

There is currently no good decentralized trading option for active traders.

Even in centralized exchanges, where we can find liquidity, there are so many missing tools! All users of the trading platform on the Forex market will ask the same questions: why there is no complex order type (Entry + SL + TP) and why orders are aggregated at an average price?!

Even more when we talk about algorithm trading, it can not be covered in a short article.

InziderX Exchange seeks to fill these current gaps: security, liquidity, Forex Pro-Trading tools and API Algorithm.


The Concepts


There are many concepts of “decentralized” exchange and all have advantages and disadvantages: some use limited master nodes or proof-of-stake instead of proof of work.

The main advantage of these two approaches is scaling. The disadvantages are the centralization of the consensual process and the supply necessary to secure the system.

Is there common ground ?! As often, this seems to be the answer.

But the juggling with master nodes, spread across several countries, still shows the weakness of this type of approach.

And some will say that only a proof-of-work system can secure a $ 800 billion market. It’s a strong affirmation worth consideration!

In addition, not everyone wants to transfer their funds into the exchange. “Another wallet and a private key ?!”

The InziderX trading concept is based on wallets. The point here is to have wallets communicate between blockchain – interoperability.

Most wallets are a modified version of Bitcoin Core wallet, a C ++ program. They mainly use request to trigger commands such as sending funds and securing transactions.

By making these wallets communicating via a hub that links them with a P2P system, it is possible to create a fully distributed exchange without centralization. Atomic swap securing transactions with multisigned addresses and the timelock / hash system.

This is the only way to achieve interoperability and avoid some sort of centralization.

Initially, InziderX will create a multi-currency wallet that will hold the assets traded on its exchange.

In a second step, it will allow the direct connection of the external wallets with complete or light node (ie: electrum). In this way, the multi-currency wallet will be convenient, but the standalone wallet will still be available if preferred.

This would also allow the use of physical wallets like Trezor, Leger Nano S or simply online wallet like Metamask.

Scaling is still a problem for the POW system. The 10-minute confirmations are not well suited to active trading. Part of the process that does not involve a final settlement doesn’t need be on-chain and this is where the POS is a useful tool.

The Lightning Network is actually a kind of proof of-stake system. The owner of the transactional channel must have the same asset value that he intends to transfer via his channel as security for the users.

The combination of these two technologies at different levels of importance in the transaction process is the path that InziderX Exchange intends to take.


The Vision


The vision of InziderX Exchange is about community. The community is the KEY.

This is why the independence of any external entity is avoided – no server, no master node for the final settlement, no dolly blockchain. It is about empowering the community by giving them a tool that is independent of any outside influence.

This model also has its advantages. Fully developed, it will allow the integration of any participant by shared protocols. Markets and technologies tend to consolidate around some ingenious ideas. BIP, BOLT and other acronym.

InziderX Exchange seeks to create a single market where participants can build a liquidity relay.

A world of markets, the world market.




What about autarky? At all stages of the development of the exchange, autarky is a respected principle.

The reasons for this exchange is to release (!) hostages users of centralized exchange.

The concepts of our exchange, its technology also value the full independence of users.

The vision of InziderX Exchange, the creation of an agora where everyone can join and who does not depend on any external entity, gives power to users and communities.

For a watchful eye of today’s digital asset markets, it is clear that centralized exchanges, as long as they has been an useful option, are now somewhat the problem. InziderX Exchange is the solution.


Become an Inzider

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I am the CEO of InziderX and I intend in future articles to explain in detail the characteristics of our exchange by dividing the white paper into sections with comments.

Stay tuned!

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