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When will the INX distribution will be done?

- The first distribution of INX will take place in February 2019 at the end of the sale.
- The wallet of each buyer and bounty participant will be opened by InziderX with the appropriate INX.
- The wallet address and password will be sent by encrypted mail.
- You will be asked to change your password to completely secure the process.

What about mining!?

- INX is a mining asset and it will be possible to mine 50% of the total supply.
- A mining pool will be established and a clear start date will be known by the community.
- The start date is plan after reaching the soft cap of $ 3M or at the end of the INX sale.
- All details on the difficulty curve and how to mine will be announced in the Bitcointalk thread in time.

What about the INX price?

- 8M of INX @ 0.33$ USD
- 15M of INX @ 0.44$ USD
- 37M of INX @ 0.55$ USD
- Initial market price = 0.55$ USD

Can I buy INX with credit card !?

For legal reasons, InziderX uses the service of a third party to convert all payment into digital assets. In this way, you can buy INX with the use of a credit card. Please follow the instructions below and look at this IMAGE for help.

1-Place an order and create your profile :
- Access the CONTRIBUTE page of the main menu.
- Enter the amount of INX then click on "Proceed to checkout".
- Make a profile and click on "Place the Order".
- Copy the BTC address show in the order.

2-Proceed to payment by credit card :
- Access this SITE to make the payment by credit card.
- Use the BTC address copied on previous step.
- Complete the payment and confirm it on our website.
- Send us the payment processor confirmation email to [email protected]

We will get back to you soon with the confirmation and update of the profile.
For Any question, please contact us on our Telegram - https://t.me/inziderxgroup

It's still not clear... I need more details!

- Have you read our Whitepaper
- Have you look at our Economics
- Have you see our Onepager
- Please contact us @ [email protected]

The Future

InziderX is the beginning of a new vision - True Decentralization.

Transactions are done P2P, wallet to wallet, without third-party control or influence. The atomic swap provides security and Lightning Network liquidity.

It’s impossible to take the exchange down, because there is no server. The data are truly decentralized across the distributed blockchain ledger so it cannot be stolen or corrupted.

No inscription, verification or restriction. Download our wallets and start trading. That simple.

The wallet is the exchange!


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